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snapdragon76 wrote in namesake_comicx
OK, I just gotta say, I love how Warrick was scolded by his uncle Scarecrow. And the look on his face in the last panel was priceless.

Soooo, does this mean that Chisery is really Warrick and Selva's father in a different form? I mean, if you look back to the flashback where Tin Man was chasing something away, it look suspiciously similar to Chisery.


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I loved Scarecrow in this, who knew he could be scary. (Seriously, there should be icons of that. XD)

Also, am I the only one that thought Agha was awesome? From her view point, she's protecting Emma from a dangerous warlock. She gets major points in my book.

Yes, he was really awesome. Now you know why so many respect the Scarecrow.

And yes, there should be! :DD

I did! She was fierce! Gotta love that lil Munchkin lady.

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