Going Down The Rabbit Hole And Beyond

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snapdragon76 wrote in namesake_comicx
Found this gem while trolling through dA. Thought it was uber cute!

a kiss for good measure by ~an-angels-tears on deviantART

And yes, I ship them…

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It's cute little art made by a good friend :D

Well, it's very cute! Hopefully if I ge the Namesake group off the ground on dA (with the propperly spelled name this time), we can find all kinds of fanart!

D'awwwwwwww... that's adorable. =D But I always thought a green-skinned person would blush a deeper shade of green?

I think if they have red blood, they still blush a reddish hue. not having met anyone of the green skinned variety, it's just a guess. ;DD

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