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Namesake Selfie
snapdragon76 wrote in namesake_comicx
If I were Emma, I'd leave my phone and get the hell outta Dodge.


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She probably will once she snaps out of the shock, and then screams. XP

I think the only thing that would make it creepier is having little Toto skeletons next to each person-sized one. -shudder!-

Don't give THEM ideas.

Well, did you noticed the smaller skulls on the book shelf? @_@

Those aren't noticeably smaller. In any case, the design is wrong. Canine skulls are *VERY* different from human skulls and the difference would be trivially obvious even from across the room. I know, I have skulls of sheep, dog, cat, cow, and bear in my house (my dad was a bio teacher).

I think *I* would set the place on FIRE and say some prayers for the damned souls trapped there. And then walk out of the fire like the Terminator.

LOL, now that would be awesome!!

I think I'd be equal parts creeped out and morbidly intrigued, and probably freeze in the doorway. Though I'm wondering now why none of the Dorothys ran out screaming "There's dead bodies in there!!" Or if they did, why everyone's so calm about it.

Maybe the magic barrier puts a spell on a Dorothy as she leaves, so she can't talk about what she saw. (If I were paranoid!Ozma, I might have done that.)

I think Ozma went a little crazy. I mean, given the fact that all her friends kept dying, it's a wee bit understandable but it's still creepy.

And I wonder who it is that's arranging the skeletons if no Ozites are allowed inside?

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