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Character design musing...
seawasp wrote in namesake_comicx
Not being an artist, perhaps I'm wrong, but it seems to me -- looking at the early posters and artwork, and then comparing them to the actual strips we've seen, especially the recent ones -- that Warrick started out with a much larger nose and has gotten an overall sharper face and nose look. Which I should note I think looks better.

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It's true. Warrick originally had a face more like Selva, but it actually became sharper. He's not the only one who's design evolved a lot. Emma's lips and eyeshape changed and became larger... *laughs*

C'mon dude, i'm trying to sneak these in! *laughs*

I noticed it because I went to the store, and the wallpaper/posters look to have the OLD designs, and then I realized that so did the site header picture.

Given that your Emerald Bishonen is likely to be a major draw, and I think your refined design is vastly superior in the Bishie area, I would recommend updating the site header pic and, if you get the opportunity, the store pics to use his narrow-faced bishonen glory.

Hahahah. I like to think people come by for the epically awesome ladies. But I should update things when i,m less busy.

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