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Let's keep the community ALIIIIIVE!!!
snapdragon76 wrote in namesake_comicx
OK, not much has been going on community-wise and I'm a little disappointed about that. So. Let's get the ball rolling a bit, shall we?

A lot has been happening in the story thus far. What does everyone think of the plot thus far?

Me, I'm worried about where the story is leading up to where Warrick removes his heart. Man, I swear, those kids break my heart something fierce!!

What are your guys' thoughts? Anything else to share?

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I'm not sure he removes it himself. It's clearly not completely broken, though -- he shows plenty of emotion, both positive and negative, unlike poor Adora.

Though that last shot of Ozma yesterday is enough to break a heart by itself.

While I don't think he does physically remove it himself, it does seem as though he does voluntarily have it removed.

And maybe because it's still technically intact as opposed to being broken, that's why he does still feel emotions. Interesting to contemplate...

I feel so bad for Ozma, and the saddest thing is that this is not the first time she had her heart broken.

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